Chris Waller
Associate Producer

As a child Chris Waller loved nothing more than when her teacher pulled the screen over the chalkboard and threaded film through the projector. These little movies sparked in her a love of documentary film and a life long quest to better understand others. This fascination led Chris to believe that she could do more than just understand; she could help. Thus began a career in social service working with HIV/AIDS and homeless youth. After twenty years Chris decided to merge her love of film and her social service background. With a newly minted degree in screenwriting she has fulfilled a life long ambition to work on a feature length documentary. Chris has written for numerous independent film producers with subjects ranging from Las Vegas pit girls to child soldiers. She brings with her the inspiration of a writer and the passion of the wife of a union man. Chris has a deep commitment to foster a better understanding of one another through film. She also likes horses and candy. Chris is the proud mother of three daughters. She graduated with a BS degree in human services from the U of M and holds an AS degree in screenwriting from MCTC.